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Order your Custom Cake and Desserts today!

All our custom cakes and desserts are made to order! In order to make sure everything is fresh and exactly to your specifications, we ask that you place your order with at least 1 weeks notice. More time is always better! 

We do have some desserts available in the shop every day. Cupcakes, Cake Pops, Brownies, Cookies, Ice Cream, Sodas, Sandwiches and more, that can be picked up anytime. However, it just depends on what is available. So if you want something specific, please order in advance! 

Cake Prices


Available in half and full dozens.

Custom decorations available for an extra charge.

Mini Cupcakes...........................  $1.25 each
Regular Cupcakes................  $2.35 each
Jumbo Cupcakes..................  $4.50 each

Cake Pops 

Great for treat buffets or favors. For individually wrapped, add 15 cents.

Cake pops with Sprinkles.....  $1.50 each
Custom colored decorations are available. 

Round Layer Cakes

Can be customized for any event. Perfect for Birthdays. Includes buttercream.

For Fondant add $10 for base. Decorations vary. ​

6 Inch (Serves 8-12)..........................  $25.00
8 Inch (Serves 12-20)........................  $35.00
10 inch (Serves 25-35)......................  $50.00
12 Inch (Serves 40-60)......................  $75.00

Square Layer Cakes

Can be customized for any event. Includes buttercream frosting and filling.

For fondant add $10 for base. Decorations vary..

6 Inch (Serves 12-18)..........................  $35.00
8 Inch (Serves 25-32)........................  $50.00
10 inch (Serves 40-50)......................  $75.00
12 Inch (Serves 50-72)......................  $100.00

Stacked and Sculpted Cakes

Each cake is unique and therefore requires custom pricing. Perfect for weddings, birthdays, and more.

Starts out at:
Buttercream................  $4.00/serving
Fondant.......................   $5.00/serving
Prices will be determined based on the cake design and details decided on in personal consultation. Schedule a Consultation now!

Additional decorations are added to base price. This includes silk flowers, sugar flowers, ribbon, cake toppers, and more.

Sheet Cakes

Can be customized. Includes buttercream frosting. Add $20 for fondant base. Decorations vary.

¼ sheet (Serves 16-24)............... $45.00

½ sheet (Serves 32-54).............  $75.00

Cake Prices
2 tiered painte copper weding cake with desserts, brick backdrop
All Cake Orders Require at least 1 weeks notice! 
Cakes are priced based on sized and decoration. The pricing below is starting and basic pricing. Please contact us for a quote on a custom cake.

Dessert Catering

Custom Desserts lend themselves beautifully to all sorts of catering needs. Wether that is dessert for a dinner party, a buisness event, an anniversary party, wedding or birthday, we can create a dynamic menu of customized treats to treat all your guests! 


Delivery is available to all of Eastern Idaho, Western Wyoming,

Southern Montana and Northern Utah.

Free in Blackfoot Area.
Idaho Falls and Pocatello is $25.
Rexburg is $35.
Surrounding areas are determined based on mileage.

*Delivery is offered based on availablility.

If you are looking for options that are available to ship, Check out our shipable options here: 

Flavor Options

Classic flavors, fillings, and icings are included in the base cake pricing- Unless otherwise stated.

Classic Cake Flavors

• Chocolate
• Vanilla
• Lemon
• Carrot
• Red Velvet

• Marble

Classic Filling Options

• Chocolate Ganache
• Raspberry
• Strawberry
• Lemon Curd
• Caramel
• Vanilla Cream

Gourmet Cake Flavors​

Gourmet flavors are available for an additional charge. 

Birthday Cake: Moist layers of vanilla cake with rainbow sprinkles scattered throughout. Filled with sprinkle laden vanilla buttercream frosting. 

Peanut Butter Cup: Chocolate cake with a peanut butter fluff filling all covered in a chocolate shell.
Strawberry Lemonade: White cake with lemon curd filling and tangy strawberry icing.
Mint Dream: Chocolate cake filled with chocolate ganache and mint cream filling.
Black Forest: Chocolate cherry cake filled with chocolate ganache and cherries.
Boston Cream Pie: Butter yellow cake filled with vanilla cream and chocolate ganache.
Almond Joy: Chocolate almond cake with chocolate ganache and coconut filling.
Chocolate Dipped Strawberry: Chocolate and strawberry cakes with chocolate truffle filling.
Caramel Apple: Butter yellow cake filled with sliced apple fruit filling and caramel.
Citrus Twist: Swirled orange and lemon cake filled with lemon curd filling.
Cookies & Cream: Vanilla cake with Oreo's baked in, with an Oreo buttercream filling.
Decadent Chocolate: A divinely decadent chocolate cake filled with chocolate ganache and chocolate chips.
Scored: Chocolate cake with filled with caramel and Heath Bars.
Hot Chocolate: Chocolate cake with marshmallow cream filling.
Lemon Kiss: Lemon cake filled with lemon cream cheese icing and raspberries.
Peaches and Cream: Moist peach infused white cake filled with white chocolate truffle and peach fruit filling.
Raspberry Truffle: Dark chocolate raspberry cake filled with chocolate fudge and raspberry fruit filling.
Tye-Dye Rainbow: Six vibrant colors of vanilla cake, swirled together in a tye dye pattern, and filled with vanilla buttercream (unless other filling is requested).
Turtle: Dark chocolate cake filled with chocolate fudge, caramel, and toasted chopped pecans.
Black & White: Layers of white and chocolate cakes filled with layers of white chocolate and dark chocolate truffle filling.

Tuxedo: Layers of chocolate cake surrounding raspberry and cheesecake filling. 

Snickers: Chocolate cake with a layer of caramel, peanuts, and snickers pieces for the filling. 

Berries & Cream: Berry and vanilla marble cake with berry and vanilla cream filling. 

German Chocolate: German Chocolate cake with coconut and pecan frosting and chocolate buttercream. 

Custom gourmet flavors are also available. Just ask. We can create anything you want!

Flavor Options
Wedding and Event Desserts

The most special events in your life deserve the most special desserts!

Paisley Cakes is the best choice in Idaho Falls, Blackfoot, Pocatello, Rexburg, Jackson, and the surrounding areas for wedding and event dessert catering. We have options for any budget! Please contact us to schedule a consultation, or to place an order. 


Dessert Buffets- A table full of dessert options! Including: Cake, Cupcakes, Cake Pops, Mousse Cups, Cookies, Brownies, and more! Dessert Buffets are customized based on colors, themes, or preferences. 


Cupcake Bars- Offer a unique experience to your guests. They can decorate their own cupcakes! Cupcake bars include undecorated cupcakes, frosting, and topping options for your guests to create their own dessert masterpiece. 


Event Catering- We offer dessert catering for many different events. Business luncheons, company parties, client entertaining, sales meetings, anniversaries, family events, weddings, parties and more. Let us help make your event a success with Dessert options from Paisley Cakes! 

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