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3 Peaks Catering 

Congratulations on picking such an excellent caterer for your wedding!
We are so excited to help you plan the perfect cake for your perfect day! 

The following options are included in the package from 3 Peaks Catering.
Please choose from the following: 


  • Vanilla

  • Chocolate

  • Lemon

  • Marble

  • Almond

  • Carrot


  • Vanilla Buttercream

  • Chocolate Buttercream

  • Raspberry

  • Chocolate Ganache

  • Strawberry

  • Bavarian Cream

  • Lemon 

  • Lime 

  • Caramel

  • Cherry


  • Vanilla Buttercream

Design Options:(number of tiers will vary based on serving size needed.)  

Option 1:
Textured Buttercream
Option 2:
option 3-Wood Look BUttercream.jpg
Option 3:
option4 mountain scene.jpg
Option 4:
Mountain Scene
Option 5: Combination of any of the 4 options. 
option5 combo.jpg
If there are other designs that you have your heart set on, please reach out to discuss options, or communicate desired design with your 3 Peaks Catering Event Consultant and we will get you a customized quote
through your consultant.
All pricing for your event will go through 3 Peaks Catering. 
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